Frequently asked questions

  • What countries do Veepay Global operate in?
    Veepay Global operates in over 150 different countries across Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

    Please get in contact with us for a more definitive list.
  • What is PEO?
    ‘Professional Employer Organisation’ – Veepay Global's employment solution allows companies to expand around the world efficiently, compliantly, and without the requirement of a legal entity.

    By choosing to outsource your payroll requirements to Veepay Global, we will handle all local requirements and reporting on your behalf, whilst you maintain day-to-day control of your employees.
  • Why choose PEO?
    PEO is a brilliant choice for companies not wanting to commit vast amounts of resources to a single country. It allows an employer to hire and 'test the waters' as such before choosing whether or not permanently expand into the chosen territory. It is also an excellent solution for rapid entry into a new market.
  • Can you pay our employees?
    Yes, of course. We pay all employees as part of our basic payroll service. Under our Global Payments solution we will distribute funds across the globe, ensuring employees and tax authorities are paid in full and on time.
  • Can you assist with employee documentation?
    Our Global Employment Outsourcing services cater to almost every need when hiring in a new country. We can assist with the creation of employee contracts, immigration and on-boarding services.
  • Why does Veepay assist with Legal Entities, if PEO is available?
    In some instances it is a mandatory requirement to establish a legal entity if your employee count is over a certain threshold.

    Veepay Global will be here to guide you through the process and advise on the correct solution based on your requirements.
  • How do I get in contact with Veepay Global?
    Please head over to our 'Contact Us' page. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email.